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( Cassia angustifolia Vahl.)

Synonym :
Familia :

Description :
Low bush, height to 1,5 m. Paripinnate compound leaf ( without back part leaflet), has 3-7 sheet tides, narrows or integer, chartreuse light green. Complete interest and perfection, number five, unique symmetry. Calyx has 5 sepal. Petal turned yellow with chocolate blood-vessel, 5 fruit, formation sirap. Stamen has part of steril ( staminodia). Fruit of wide ellipse, sometime form of kidney, ripe fruit broken, length 4-7cm with wide 2 cm, seed 610.

Local Name :

Curable Disease :
BIOLOGICAL EFFECT AND faction PHARMACOLOGY of Cassia angustifolia Leaf polysaccharide tested with allogenic tumor Sarcoma-180 at white mouse, having effect positive in resistance pertumbulian Sarcoma-180. Senosides A in body will experience a reaction of enzymic hydrolysis and reduction by intestinal flora bacterium ( Entamoeba coli) becomes rein anthrone. Rein anthrone is a compound inducing secretion of water and prevents reabsorpsi water in alimentary canal, causing can be applied in the effort healing of constipation of acute . Action time CLINIC PHARMACOLOGY senna ranged from 8-10 hours, so that better be drinked when night. Senosides can eliminate sigh of constipation of patient ( irritable bowel syndrome). At therapy dose is not found existence of habit trouble of defecation time; can mellow faeces and increases speed of food transit in colon through improvement of movement peristaltik. Senosides is rather permeated at gastrointestinal channel top. UNDESIRABLE EFFECT At long-range usage or wrong usage will cause at losing of electrolyte ( especially potassium ion) and can become albuminuria cause, hematuria, deposisi pigment at intestine mucosa and damage at myenteric plexus. CONTRA INDICATION Illeus, intestine damage, stenosis, atony, chafes, colonopathics, appendisitis, dehydration status, constipation kronik, pregnancy woman, and suckles, and child of underage chlid 10 years.
INTERACTION Existence of interaction with cardiac glycosides ( digitalis, strophanthus) can happened improvement of excretion of potassium ion. At hypokalemia ( because laxative usage of length number), can happened improvement of drug effect antiaritmia ( like its(the kinidin). Usage with other drug inducing the happening of hypokalemia like tiazida, adrenokortikosteroid or Liquiritiae Radix can race incidence [of] in-(un- electrolyte balance. Leaf TOXICITY senna can cause painfulness and dermatitis. Main symptom arising as result of overdose is super diarrhoea, so that there is possibility that losing of dilution and electrolyte.

Exploiting :

Applied at effort to overcome constipation ( as " manages"), ambeien, after operation rektalanal, gastric evacuation before photograph rontgent; before and abdominal postoperative.

To strive overcomes constipation:
Applied an ingredient consisted of by leaf senna, leaf iler, horse foot/feet leaf masing?masing ¼ grasps, sweet saga leaf and each dill leaf 1/5 grasping, leaf meniran 1/6 grasping, papaw leaf, turmeric rhizome 1/4 fingers, rhizome temulawak ½ finger, klembak 3/5 fingers, acid trengguli 2 finger, sugar enau 3 finger. Each is cleaned, dipotongpotong and braised with water counted 4 glass, causing remains its(the separoh; after chilling filtered, then is drinked, 3 times one day, ¾ glass .

Composition :
Leaf and seed contains anthracene glycoside yaltu senosides A,B,C,D,E,F; glycoside rhein, small number of aloeemodin, musilago ( 10%), flavonoid ( generation of kaempherol), naphthalene glycoside, isorhamnetin, chrysophanic acid, senakrol, senapikrin, katartomanit, ß- sitosterol.

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