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Description :
Plants growing at different localities of India have also been found to contain different amount of sennoside B in leaves and pods, and also differ in chromosome morphology. The leaves and pods of this plant contain the commercially important laxative sennoside B.

Product Applications :
In the leaf; sennosides A and B based on the aglycones sennidin A & B, senosides C & D which are glycosides of heterodianthrones of aloe-emodin and rhein are present. Others include palmidin A, rhein anthrone & aloe-emodin glycosides, some free anthraquinones and some potent, novel compounds of as yet undetermined structure. C.Senna usually contains more of the sennosides. In the fruit; sennosides A and B and a closely related glycoside sennoside A1. Naphthalene glycosides; tinnevellin glycoside & 6-hydroxymusizin glycoside Miscellaneous; mucilage, flavonoids, volatile oil, sugars, resins.